We will be offering over 20 workshops through the course of Cyber YPCCA, all of which are available to students, as they each meet at different times. Workshops will be held for two weeks each and campers can pick and choose whichever workshops they would like to participate in. Take as many or as few as you like! Here is a brief description of some of the workshops being offered this summer:

Virtual Playtime: In this workshop, students will perform a one-act play titled, "10 Ways to Survive Life In a Quarantine." The show is full of handy solutions on how to get through social distancing and stay sane; from putting on a musical with your dog, to becoming an announcer for a made-up sport, to falling in love with an inanimate object. The play will be recorded via Zoom and will debut on our Youtube Channel at the end of camp.

Quarantine Stories: Several famous characters from musicals, picked to live in a house during a pandemic, and have their lives taped. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. 

Dungeons & Dragons: Students will create characters before class begins, then take them on a campaign of high adventure and combat. This is not a learn-to-play class, but you don’t need to be an expert. Bring your basic knowledge and thirst for adventure as we seek untold treasure and glory!

Dance Soup: Take 10-15 participants who enjoy musical theater, movement, and working collaboratively and introduce one great piece of Broadway dance music. Allow participants to choose one sixteen count from the song to choreograph themselves. Work this original dance section with the choreographer and other participants until smooth. Incorporate all choreography into one piece the entire group will learn and perform.  Serve up hot DANCE SOUP on YPCCA’s new youtube channel and enjoy!

Bring Your Pet to Theatre Camp: This social-distancing exclusive will give you a chance to combine your love for musical theatre with your love for taking videos of your pets. In this workshop, we will create a music video in which our pets play the characters in a musical theatre song chosen by us. The only catch? Animals can’t sing! This means that you will be doing the behind-the-scenes singing while your pets do the acting. All are welcome even if you don’t have a pet to take videos of; there’s plenty of singing and creative decision-making to go around!

Acting: No matter if you are a singer, dancer or actor (or any combination) everyone needs to have a strong acting foundation. During this acting workshop each camper will select a monologue no longer than 1 minute and we will spend the two weeks working on them. During each meeting time, we will be doing monologue coaching. Campers will get notes and also get to watch other participants work. On the last workshop day, campers will perform their monologues for each other fully memorized and costumed. Participants will get to practice memorization skills and learn one way to score a monologue. 

IT’S NOT A CAMERA TRICK!!! - Magic tricks for Tiktok, Snapchat and Instagram

Let’s learn and create magic tricks that you can perform both online and irl. 


  • Shrink yourself as you walk away from the camera 


  • Levitate a 100 dollar bill *


  • Vanish your head


  • Read minds over the internet


  • Perform a card trick over email


  • Pass a rope through your body


...and much more

This workshop will include all the ”special” equipment you’ll need to perform the impossible. You provide the camera and the practice.

* 100 dollar bill not included.

Crafting with Kendra: This workshop encourages you to embrace your creativity and have fun while making a new project each class.  We will design and create hanging seashell wreaths, a whimsical bunch of sponge painted balloons, a miniature fairy garden, and a watercolor landscape.  No experience necessary, and all materials will be provided!  The only things you need are a pair of scissors, and some newspaper to protect your work surface.  Join us!

Broadway Backwards: Are you a girl who has always wanted to belt out Santa Fe from Newsies? Or a boy who has always wanted to be one of the Schuyler Sisters from Hamilton? Well now is your chance! In this workshop you will find a solo song from a musical that is sung by the opposite gender. You will learn the song and record and perform it for our YPCCA youtube channel.  Join us as you finally get to sing that dream role you never thought you would!

Improv and Theatre Games: Do you have a wild imagination and want to express it in a creative way? Try Improv where we create new worlds and characters with every game. In this workshop we will play your favorite games from Freeze! And Target to some new improv games. Join us for some improv and theatre game fun.

Laughing with Lincoln: Ever wanted to rewrite history? Well now you can. This workshop will allow you to perform an original piece written by you and your friends. Twisting the Truth about what happened that eventful day. Past Laughing with Lincoln productions have included "The Black Plague was Actually Just Allergies" and "John Wilkes Booth: Man or Dinosaur?"

A Cappella Virtual Choir: Calling all singers and vocal percussionists! Virtual choirs are becoming increasingly popular as vocalists are unable to get together in person and do what they love. Campers will spend time discussing and practicing what makes a great virtual choir, as well as recording themselves singing their parts on their own with helpful audio tracks. Singing in a virtual choir can be surprisingly difficult and incredibly rewarding in unexpected ways, so join us for the first ever YPCCA virtual choir and bring your all! (Recommended for incoming 9th-graders and older).

Yoga, Relaxation, and Meditation for the Performing Artist: Have you ever wondered what you could do to strengthen your stamina and concentration on stage?  Then this is the workshop for you!  We will learn relaxation and meditation techniques that will bring your work as an artist to the next level.  We will also learn beginning and intermediate yoga positions that will help you channel your inner positivity and strength.  No previous experiences required, and all you need is a towel or a yoga mat!

The Journey Tale: Traditional stories often follow a pattern. Using the pattern of the journey tale, campers will write and illustrate their original stories. We will also look at how elements of design such as color, contrast, and balance are used to create moods as we illustrate our stories. Online meets will be used to discuss the journey tale pattern and elements of design, and to share our stories as we progress. 

Mare’s Costume Caravan: “Here are some important elements of fashion in (insert date or name of show here). Note the (dropped waist, width of tie, type of hats, shoes, hairstyle, etc). You have what’s in your house and what you can make in 24 hours. See you next meet. Go!”

Dance and the Audition: Do you like to dance? Are you uncomfortable at a dance call/ audition? Do you like to learn different styles of choreography? If any of the above apply to you, please join me for Dance and the Audition! During this workshop, campers will get to learn audition cuts of famous broadway shows during the two weeks. I will teach them 30-45 seconds of choreography (some Broadway, some I know). The goal is to learn and record 4 audition dances during the two weeks. This will help campers learn how to to pick up choreography faster and help them feel more comfortable during an audition.

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